Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Riots & Respect For Politicians

I think our politicians lost youngsters' respect when they were seen to be 'looting' their own expenses system, a while back.

After all, is there really so much difference between a teenager looting a pair of trainers and a politician claiming rent for a property he actually owns, or claiming mortgage-interest for a property where none actually exists . .etc, etc, etc ? Theft is still theft, isn't it ?

Also . . the London Mayor, the P.M. , the deputy P.M. and the Chancellor . . . ALL on hol's at the same time & seemingly in no rush to return. What impression does that give of their interest in the affairs of the country and the safety of its citizens ?

A statement from outside No.10, early on, might have done much to reassure the nation and to dissuade the rioters. As it was, I fear that they took the Government's seeming indifference as a green light for them to continue their rampage, with horrific and entirely predictable consequences.

" With great power comes great responsibility ", said Voltaire, quoting the ancient Greek Philosopher, Socrates. It is a very old adage that our political masters would do well to remember. To hold high office in Government is more than just a 'job', and sometimes personal considerations have to take second place to the security of the country and the safety of its citizens.

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