Monday, 19 March 2012

Bouncing Is Good For The Sole

I put some unwanted Dr. Martens Air-Wair sandals up for sale on e-bay, recently. It reminded me of the first pair of d.m.'s I ever had, way back in'71.

I was to spend the summer vac's hitch-hiking for 6 weeks in Spain & Morocco with a pal from Spanish class. His mum could get us some boots cheap, so I was up for it. They turned-out to be the 'dubbined' greasy finish, so it took an age to convert them to the fashionable 'cherry reds', with ox-blood boot polish :/

Six weeks of pounding the roads of the continent with heavy packs on our backs, was followed by a gap year for me when I still wore them. On to Art college and, when my Adidas 3-stripe trainers gave up the ghost, it was back to the d.m.'s for the last two years. After college, I would think that I got at least another year out of then.

Those remarkable Air-Wair soles made walking a real pleasure.

That's all I have to say on d.m.'s. Sometime I'll tell you of the wonders of Timberland hand-stitched moccasins. Mmmmm . . .so comfy and never too hot :]

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