Saturday, 17 April 2010

Evidence For The Soul?

I had glandular fever, very badly, when I was about 10 yrs old. I ran a high fever and was not really with it for much of the time. I couldn't lift my head from the pillow,'cos of the pain in my neck. I was off-school for weeks. On my worst night, when mum stayed awake to watch over me, . . apparently, I was moaning and threshing about all night and she was really worried.

Well . . I think I was granted a 'state of grace' or something of the sort,'cos in my head I knew nothing of this. In my unconscious mind, I was overlooking a beautiful green valley, with a sparkling stream at the bottom and fairies ( yes, fairies!) flitting around amongst the colourful, perfumed flowers. The light and the colours were brighter than anything I'd ever experienced and the air, itself, had the most beautiful perfume.

In the distance, I could see a man and a woman I seemed to know. The man was leaning on a spade. As I got nearer, I realised that they were my dads parents - but much younger. I wanted to go down into this beautiful valley to be with them, but they said it wasn't my time, but I could come back someday. I moved toward them and they said, "No, . . you've got to go. Can't you hear your mother calling?"

Well, I woke up to mum calling my name. It was a wonderfully fresh, sunny day, but I told her I was really annoyed she'd woken me, 'cos I was having the most wonderful dream of my life, and told her all about it. Strange thing is . . .Grandad was still living at the time . . .but I definitely felt that someone was watching over me, that night.

On another occasion ( I was a little younger) a dentist came close to killing me with too much gas. As my semi-conscious self struggled to breathe . . .I suddenly found myself floating up near the ceiling, in the waiting room, looking down on my parents. I was calm but curious and drifted down to their level 'til I was seeing through my mother's eyes. The nurse came out of the surgery and gave them( and me) a real worried look as she went to get something. She'd gone to get some smelling-salts and, as the dentist broke the glass vial under my nose, I was snapped back, as if on elastic, into the dentist's chair and mum rushed in to pick me up, crying . ."What have you done to him!".

For a few days, all the colour left the world and I was really sad. It seemed like I'd 'half' died. Gradually, it came back . . but never to that luminous childhood brightness that it had been before.
So . . I never worry about dying. So far as I know, the soul is incapable of worry or upset or pain. All of that stuff resides somewhere in our mortal body, and at our moment of passing . . . well, we'll just feel curiosity - nothing more.

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