Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gin-clear & cornflower-blue

Well . . . the unexpected side-effect of the U.K. flight ban was the most beautiful gin-clear, cornflower-blue skies that I can ever remember seeing !

Of course, that's how I imagine Australian skies to be, all the time . . . . together with those crystal streams, lands of milk & honey . .and Angels playing their . . . HOLD ON! THAT'S HEAVEN!

I got mixed up =s

Today, with flights back to normal, the skies are full of condensation trails, once more, and we see a return to the feeble washed-out blue that we're used to. 'Made me realise that when my grandparents maintained that, in their day, the summers were longer, the light was clearer, and there were wild flowers, insects, and birds a-plenty . . . . well, maybe it was all true !

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