Saturday, 14 August 2010

Perseid meteor shower - 12/13 August 2010

I missed the peak viewing-time, but still managed to see seven meteors streaking to earth. Very impressive it was, I have to say.

On another-such August night, way back in 1971, I happened to be sleeping outside in Morocco when I saw the same annual spectacle, under very different skies. It was a mesmerising and magical experience for a little-travelled 18-yr-old. I imagined that it was like that, in Morocco, every night!

To see a few Perseid meteorite-trails again, some 39 years later, was like having old friends drop-by for a visit. The years just fell-away and I was lost in my happy teenage memories of a mad-cap trip to Morocco, all those long years ago. Still magical! :]

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