Saturday, 21 August 2010

Richard Dawkins - faulty thinker ?

The odious Richard Dawkins (dork-ins?) has been given a run of programmes on T.V. to express his biased and nihilistic views. The first show was an attack on 'Faith' schools.

At one point, he looked into the camera and said ( clearly, very pleased with himself) :

" Good people will always do 'good' things, bad people will always do 'bad' things - but only religion makes 'good' people do 'bad' things."

Errr, really ? What about oppression, misrule, persecution, poverty and hopelessness? Wouldn't they be inclined to have the same effect?

With such patently dodgy logic, how can this fool be allowed to pronounce on anything. In the show they called him "The respected Scientist, Professor Dawkins ". Well, his sort of faulty thinking is not even scientific, for a start, so I can't imagine who it is that 'respects' him for it -.-

His publisher, maybe? I'm sure he's made loads of dosh - both for them & himself. What a deluded, self-opinionated, fame-seeking, materialistic, hypocritical creep!

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