Saturday, 11 September 2010

Men With Bra's

I was just starting-up the computer, this Saturday a.m., when I saw the postie heading our way. I rushed downstairs, hoping to avoid the 'ding-dong' which would wake-up my happily-snoozing teenage daughter.

Well, I signed for the parcel but, as I closed the door and went inside, . . .I found that I'd had one of wife's white bras attached to the side of my trouser-leg, as I stood at the door, for all the world to see.

Now, . .I had on my working-trousers ( which are patched and grotty), my shirt had greasemarks on it from working on the car . .and my vest had the remains of some pizza- sauce on the neck, which I'd sponged-off, the previous evening ( obviously not very well). Add to this sartorial elegance a large-cupped white bra, hanging down from my knee . .and I think I may have invented a new look - a sort of 'tramp-pirate' combo =p

It was some time before I could work out that my wife must've dumped it on the side of the computer chair and when I rushed to answer the door it had somehow hooked itself onto my strides :/

It could only happen to me - this sorta thing is considered quite normal in our household. In fact, I left it attached for a while longer whilst I waited for my teenage daughter to get up - and then I paraded around the room like a fashion model, showing off my latest look. I should've taken a photo !

O.m.g. . . .what a life ! LOL

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