Friday, 3 September 2010

Steam gives-way to sail ?

I almost bumped into Prof. Steven Hawking - in Cambridge, u.k. - many years ago. He was entering our favourite Thai restaurant, just as we were leaving it. We stood-aside to allow ingress to the good Professor and his powered chair but to our surprise - and in accordance with maritime convention - HE actually gave-way to us!

The 'special' that night might well have been something like: 'duck curry with fragrant rice & soft spring rolls'. Now, you can just imagine that - as delivered by the great man's u.s.-voiced speech generator. Hawking lived just across the road from the restaurant, so I bet he was in there all the time, lucky beggar! ( lol for my use of irony, there) =p

'Hope you had a good meal, that night, Professor Hawking - and for many nights thereafter. Does Thai food really make you think all those'deep' thoughts? Perhaps it's the chilli ? ;]

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