Friday, 15 October 2010

The Olympic Money-Pit

I have the great good-fortune to live on the beautiful Isle of Portland, in Dorset. Our sailing centre will serve as the base for the sailing events, during the 2012 London Olympics

I just discovered that some of the of grotty little houses that developers have been squashing-in near the sailing-centre are actually being built as office-accomodation for the Olympics. They aren't putting-in kitchens until after the Olympics . . . then they'll finish them off and sell them.

The land they were built on was practically the only flat, football-pitch sized area on the whole island for kids to play on . . so they took most of it away. The remaining 'postage-stamp' pitch will have to be shared with a new Junior School. Unbelievably, the completed properties will stand empty, from now until the Olympics!

Great! . .so we can't afford to build Academies or provide recreation-fields, or provide expensive anti-cancer drugs, or universal child-benefit or decent State pensions . . .and people are living-rough on the streets this winter, as always, . . but we can build offices for two weeks in 2012. Never believe a Politician when they say they 'care'.

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