Friday, 8 October 2010

A Very Unlikely Thing . . . At The Gym !

I recently joined a Health Spa. You know the sort of thing - gym, jacuzzi, steam room, pool? This, in itself, is not unusual for a man of my age who's trying to make up for lost time.

What happened today, however, was a little out of the ordinary - even for someone, like me, who rather relishes 'the unexpected'.

I had got quite hot and sweaty and was taking a breather, chatting to one of my daughter's old schoolteachers whom I'd just met. We looked around . .and who had just come in the door but the Mayor & Mayoress, with associated hangers-on.

We didn't want to stare, so we got back to our 'yarnin'. When we next looked back there were 3 Mayors, Mayoresses and associated hangers-on. Okaaaay :/

Could happen =p Not that strange. Back to chatting.

Next time we looked around, however, there were at least ten Mayors, Mayoresses and associated hangers-on. You could hardly move for them! I guess it was an 'outing' for all the Mayors in the County or some-such. I must impress upon you that all of these Mayors were be-suited and regaled with golden chains of office. The Mayoresses were snapping away on their digital cameras and the Mayors were being guided around by other be-suited, important-looking folks.

I'm glad I went, really. There were only about five of us in the gym, at that moment. At least we made a bit of a show. The resident trainer had been pointing us out. I expect he explained that we were in-training for the 2012 Olympics . .but had been barred from the Commonwealth games, on the grounds that we would eat all the curry and drink all the Kingfisher lager.

Apparently, the whole group also descended on the pool area; some strolling around in their street shoes . .and taking pictures. That's not on, now is it . .V.I.P.'s or not.

'Tis a strange place, My Dorset home, it never stops surprising me =p

I also stuck my head in both the sauna and the steam room for the first time, today . . but that's as far as it got. It was like sitting next to an iron-foundry. Not for me, I'm afraid . .I'm more 'clerical ' ;]

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