Monday, 23 May 2011

I wrote a new lyric

California Girl © Stuart Fretwell 2011

Soft morning light
Throws shapes through my windows
Perfume, like blossom, on the air

Blue cat is yawning
He knows that it’s morning
And, soon, he’ll hear your sweet voice from the stair

Your soft, golden curls
Remind me of an Angel’s
Your breathing, so soft,
You’re not aware . . .

That soon you’ll be waking
(Your) dreams all forsaken
And your eyes will have that
Special kind of blue

Like Venus, from a painting,
You’ll rise from ocean-dreaming
And nothing-quite prepares me,
When you do


You’re heaven-sent
You have a certain magic
And loving you’s a special kind of prayer

(But)~ Your love is lent
- You have no destination -
Like a bluebird, in a blossom-tree,
We’ll never know when you’ll be there


Oh, California girl
You blew-in with the autumn winds
And nothing I say will make you stay

When summer’s breeze starts blowin’
You’ll fly back to the ocean
But always, like a blessing,
You’ll be here, on my lips

You’ve filled me with your love
Like a gift from the Almighty,
But, darling, please believe me . .
I can’t ever let you go

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